Unicorn Lifting Belt
Unicorn Lifting Belt
Unicorn Lifting Belt
Unicorn Lifting Belt

Unicorn Lifting Belt

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An absolute must-have accessory for anyone looking to get serious with their performance and strength. Say goodbye to lower back pain and promote better form whilst using your Unicorn lifting belt. Can be used for exercises such as Deadlifts, Squats, Bent Over Rows and much more. In fact you can use your belt for any exercises if you feel you need the confidence and support to execute the movement with more control.

Our belts will offer stabilisation for hip hinge movements which apply pressure on your lower back and spine.

Features a long curved brace and adjustable velcro strap that enables you to fit it securely to your waist. The strong velcro fastening allows for quick and easy use to put on and take off during your workout.

Includes a beautiful free matching carry case to store your belt in when not in use.

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S/M Belt Size - 26” - 32.5", 66cm - 82cm
If your waist measures between these sizes then this belt is for you.

M/L Belt Size - 31” - 40.5”, 79cm - 103cm
If your waist measures between these sizes then this belt is for you.

  • Made from Cotton, Neoprene and Steel
  • Two sizes for the perfect fit
  • Curved shaped brace and strong adjustable velcro strap to securely perfectly around your waist
  • Soft padded inside to belt allows for even more comfort
  • Rubber label at the end of strap to provide a quicker set up
  • Fold small and compact with a black Believe zip up carry case to travel with

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Brilliant product

Awesome help while working out!

Hello, Kim. I have received my unicorn belt and I am so excited! I am very impressed by its quality, I love the hard back part to support my lower back while lifting. Thank you so much. And the design is just wonderful - a very beautiful and stylish thing! I couldn't wait to try it at my training during legs day and I wasn't disappointed. I didn't expect it to be so cool. Thanks for such a quality product.

You've made our day! We are so glad you are happy :)

Love it.

This is my second best friend. Highly recommended. You not going to be dissapointed :).

Thank you!

Ordered this belt a few months ago now and it’s been simply amazing for my training. I’ve increased my weights and I haven’t felt any back pain like I was before. So reasonably priced and great quality. Recommend to all my friends!

Cheyenne H
A+ Lifting Belt

I’ve been doing Kim’s home workouts for about 5 weeks now, and I’m on my second round. I was having a bit of trouble as I was overextending my back during some exercises, but this helped SO much with my form and posture. Also, the unicorn colors are beautiful in person! Will absolutely be purchasing more from this collection!

This is brilliant! We are so happy you've benefitted with your form and posture from the belt! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review!