Unicorn Lifting Straps
Unicorn Lifting Straps
Unicorn Lifting Straps
Unicorn Lifting Straps

Unicorn Lifting Straps

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The reason we invented the word #gainchanger!! Our Unicorn lifting straps are a unique design and we are so proud of their awesome quality and performance.

Whether you are trying to progress with heavier weight or suffer with sweaty palms or weak forearms, you’ll never worry about your grip again.

The straps will completely secure the weight to your hands so you are able to focus fully on your form and load.

Use our lifting straps for Deadlifts, Bent Over Rows, Pull Ups, Dumbbell Squats, Shrugs and much much more.

They feature small square grips running along the strap for even more grip, a velcro strap to adjust the size to perfectly fit to your wrists and cushioned padding that makes them so soft and comfortable. There really is nothing we have missed!

Price includes two lifting straps, one for each hand and includes a free handy matching carry case to store your lifting straps in.

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Wrist Cushion Length - 7.5”, 19cm
Wrist Cushion Width - 3”, 8 cm
Strap Length - 12.5”, 32cm
Strap Width - 1.5”, 4cm

  • Made from Cotton, Neoprene and Steel
  • Soft cushion padding around wrist for extra comfort
  • Unique square grips on the strap for the ultimate grip
  • Velcro fastening strap to secure the straps perfectly to your wrists
  • Rubber labels on the ends of the straps to provide quick and easy set up
  • Small and compact with a matching zip up carry case to travel with

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I can’t believe how much more I can lift!!!!! These have changed my life 🍑🍑🍑


Love my straps. They are very good quality and cute. 🥰

So much support

What I love about these is the extra thick padding that goes around your wrists. They are so comfortable, do not dig in at all like! I feel so strong when I use them and the pink cute colours and packaging is lovely! I’m so happy thank you

I never knew I needed these so much!

Honestly WOW! What a difference these have made to my progress! I am lifting nearly twice as much since purchasing! I will be purchasing more in different designs when I get paid 🙌🏻

Excellent quality

My first purchase from Kim, and I’m so impressed. Design is gorgeous, and top quality. Stops hands from slipping off the bar and sore hands!
They have massively helped my workouts and deadlifts

Yay thank you so much! This is exactly what we love to hear :)