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I bought this because my wrists were going weak when I was trying to lift heavier. They helped me lift up to 20 lbs more than I was used to. Great for rows, deadlifts, and more!


Honestly this band is INSANE!!!! Better than any of the other bands I’ve tried, if you haven’t already got this what are you doing!!!!?


The best I have tried out of three different companies. The no slip grips are incredible and it adds an extra challenge to everyday workouts! I never do leg day without it.


Got the 3 bundle of these bands and would buy them again 100 times! They are amazing quality. The fabric is nice on hands and legs, no rubbing or pulling. You can double them for extra power, added to weights or on their own they get you so sweaty! 10/10


Great resistance, the elastic is good quality and comfortable to use. Love the design too; it always cheers me up when I look at it, which motivates me to workout!


Daanngg, GAME CHANGER!!! My grip is awful so when lifting heavy I always lose grip but with these I can push for more reps and up the weight!!
Thank you Kim!!


These resistance bands are no joke! They don’t slip, they don’t roll up and they never lose their resistance level. They’ve totally changed my workout game and I’ll never buy anything else!


These bands are insane. So comfy and don’t budge or roll. Best I’ve used.


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