Unicorn Barbell Pad
Unicorn Barbell Pad
Unicorn Barbell Pad
Unicorn Barbell Pad

Unicorn Barbell Pad

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Progress with your heavy lifts using our thick and durable Unicorn Barbell Pad. Mainly used for Hip Thrusts, Squats and Lunges, this barbell pad will really change the game for you!

Featuring a 1.5” thick foam padding and beautifully soft polyester cover in your favourite design. Never feel pain or discomfort again and fully focus on getting those lower body gains!!

There is a strong velcro fastening running along the length of the barbell pad to secure it effortlessly to the barbell.

Includes a stunning free matching zip up carry case to store your barbell pad when not in use.

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Length - 16.5”, 42 cm
Width - 4”, 10cm


  • Made from injection foam mold with polyester cover
  • 1.5” foam padding and velcro lining
  • Extra rubber label to assist with fastening the barbell pad securely
  • Fits all standard size gym bags with a matching zip up carry case to travel with

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