Yellow Lifting Grips
Yellow Lifting Grips
Yellow Lifting Grips
Yellow Lifting Grips

Yellow Lifting Grips

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An absolute must-have! Uniquely designed lifting grips to improve strength and performance all whilst adding protection to your hands. Of course we designed our lifting grips with our adjustable padded wrist straps so it will fit perfectly to your skin. These grips take out all the guess work and provide you with a seamless experience to lift heavier and harder. The grip itself moulds perfectly to the palm of your hand when worn and is clearly labelled with a ‘left’ and ‘right’ for quick clarification.
Price includes two lifting grips, one for each hand and a free handy material carry case.
Complete your set with the other Believe Lifting Gear! 

Wrist cushion length - 7” / 18cm
Wrist cushion width - 2.5” / 6cm
Grip length - 5” / 13cm
Grip width - 3.5” / 9cm

  • Made from hard duty Rubber, Neoprene and Steel
  • One size fits all with adjustable velcro strap 
  • Soft cushion padding around wrist for extra comfort 
  • Textured rubber grips shaped to fit perfectly to the palm of your hands
  • Rubber labels on the ends of the straps to provide quick and easy set up
  • Small and compact with a zip up carry case to travel with 

Customer Reviews

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Love this product & have recommended to my gym friends!

Massive gains!

These grips have doubled my lifts. I can’t believe how much more I can lift with some help with my grip. I’m still in shock! Had to come here to write a review so hopefully other people can see this and get some. Worth every single penny and more ✊🏻

Why was I sleeping on this!

Was seeing lots of people rave about these but just kept dismissing it! BIG REGRET! These grips are incredible, I’ve literally thrown out my straps. Kim you’ve nailed these grips girl, way to go!

The best colour

I absolutely adore my new grips and the colour is so beautiful! Exactly as shown on the website :) cannot wait to use them and get some personal bests 🙏🏻